FeliSafe | Custom Cat Fencing
FeliSafe | Custom Cat Fencing

FeliSafe | Custom Cat Fencing

Why Fence Your Yard or Garden?

The main reason is one of safety which can be accomplished by having house cats.Statistics indicate that a house cat’s life expectancy is over three times that of an outdoor cat (more information). Cats which have been kept indoors all their lives adapt reasonably well to their environment provided that they are given ample companionship and attention. However, such an enclosed environment is far from ideal and a solution which permits the cat to have access to the outside as well as the house is preferable and this is what FeliSafe cat fencing does.

Why FeliSafe?

We are cat lovers ourselves and have developed an effective cat containment system with two things in mind:

It should be simple to install

We work from photos of your garden to produce a tailor made cat fencing kit to suit your needs and requirements We manufacture our brackets from steel flat bar in our workshop (this is not strapping bought from a builders merchants and bent to shape) and can make custom brackets to suit problem areas This means that the fitting is straight forward and should not require any modification to your garden. Because the cat fencing kit is tailored to your requirements fitting usually only requires basic DIY skills

It should be affordable without compromising quality

We felt it was important to keep the price as low as we can so more people can secure their garden if they wish We offer a DIY kit as fitting is an additional expense You only buy what is needed and not a fixed size cat fencing kit (the only thing we request is that you buy the netting in multiples of five metres) Depending on the size of the area to be fenced a cat fencing kit could be as little as £69.25 (2 x corner brackets, 2 x eyelets and 15 metres of netting and fixings) We have developed a corner bracket (why use two when one will do the job better) Where possible we use eyelets in walls to save on bracket costs

FeliSafe’s cat containment system is constantly evolving and has been developed over a period of years. We are continually striving to improve our system and to develop new features. In 2011 we produced our two piece bracket which allows the angle of the netting to be adjusted and can be set to drop down in the event of snow, for more details about our cat fencing brackets click here.

How It Works

The FeliSafe cat fence system is based on the principle that the vast majority of cats, unlike primates, are not willing to climb upside down. It employs netting supported by brackets with cords strung between them. This is attached to the existing sound wall or fence at a height of approximately five and a half to six feet presenting a barrier that the cat cannot negotiate without climbing upside down.

We believe our cat fencing to be superior to similar more expensive types. Our system is far more flexible due to the fact that we can custom-make brackets for individual requirements to create tailor-made solutions.