FeliSafe | Custom Cat Fencing

How do I work out how many brackets I will require

This is very much dependant on the type of fencing or wall. The brackets need to have a secure anchoring point which in most cases is the fence posts. With standard 6 foot fence panels we recommend a bracket on every other fence post. If it is being attached to a wall the recommended distance between brackets is four metres.

I have a shed or outbuilding – how do I secure that?

In most cases the buildings are usually adjacent to the fence and the most practical way to secure them is to use corner brackets to bring the netting from the fence around the top of the shed and back to the fence to prevent the cat getting onto the shed roof. Any gap between the shed and the fence must be secured. Sometimes the shed is not near the fence and in these cases brackets can be made so that the shed can be secured on its own.

Is it easy to install?

Yes, the installation only requires basic D.I.Y. skills. Please see the Installation page, where a guide is available. You can also find information there about our Installation Service.

It will keep my cat in, but will it keep other cats out?

It has proven itself to be very effective at doing just that. We have sold several kits to people who have bought it specifically for that purpose.

At what height should it be installed?

We recommend that FeliSafe is installed at a height of about 5 foot 6 inches to 6 foot, in order to ensure that the cat is not able to vault it.

My fence is not high enough – is there a solution to this?

There are several options available for raising low fences and in the vast majority of cases there is a solution.

I do not have a fence at all / I have hedges – can I still cat proof my garden?

Whilst FeliSafe is a fence top system we are able to advise on a cost effective way to make a fence-less or hedged garden secure. We also manufacture a system whereby the netting sections can be lowered to enable hedges to be cut.

I have a gate in my garden how do I secure it?

All that is required is a header across the top of the gate: the netting is secured to that and the gate can then open and close freely.

I have trees and bushes in my garden – can I still cat proof it?

There is always a solution but sometimes this may be too radical for the person to accept in terms of the aesthetics of the garden. There are a whole range of ways to secure trees and bushes depending on the tree or bush itself and in most cases the balance between security and looks can be achieved.