FeliSafe | Custom Cat Fencing


The FeliSafe system is designed to be simple to install – in fact the majority of our clients opt to self-install as this only requires basic D.I.Y. skills and keeps the costs to a minimum. Click here to see the D.I.Y. fitting instructions.

We are based in Sefton, Merseyside and offer an installation service within our local area. We are willing to undertake installations farther afield but we are always aware that the further we have to travel the greater the costs we have to pass on.

In the case of people who live so far away from us as to make it too expensive for us to install and don’t want or feel able to install it themselves, we recommend the use of a local handy man. We supply fitting instructions with the kit and are always happy to talk to your contractor if they require any information or advice.